Back to School Series | #2 My Desk Area

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

In the second post of my Back to School series I want to show you my desk area. My desk is a place where I spend at least 3 hours a day, so it's very important to me to feel comfortable when I'm working at my desk. I always try to keep my desk very neat and mostly empty, because I can't focus very well when there's a lot of stuff lying around me. Of course I have done my best to make my desk area as cosy as possible! I hope you like the pictures and might get some inspiration from them!

Because I'm often working until very late at night, I have a lot of candles and fairy lights. Even when it's completely dark outside, my desk still is an atmospheric place which makes the studying a lot easier for me :). 

My desk is from Ikea, and so are my drawer, the shelf above my desk, the heart shaped candle, my desk lamp, the fake pink flower and the fake plant on the shelf. 
I bought the fairy lights a few weeks ago at a Christmas shop in Amsterdam (how awesome, an all-year-open Christmas shop! Just fyi, it's only 127 days till Christmas!). If you're interested in where I bought any other stuff, feel free to leave a comment!

♥, Annemarie


  1. Super schöne Bilder und toller Blog! :) XX

  2. This looks amazing! I like how you've made it personal to you! I like the fairy lights and the candle too as it makes it a bit cosier when you're learning!:) Abi

  3. You desk looks so cute and clean, mine is always full of stuff even if I clean it every week :( Great blog! xx

  4. I'm always way organized at the beginning of the year, but by they end I've always resorted to the SIN method (shove it in). I like this method because its an innuendo.

  5. I love the candles and fairy lights, really makes it comfy!

  6. Your desk is so beautiful and organised! I love my desk, but I think I want to make it a little more girly like yours :)
    Tilly xx


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