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Friday, 8 August 2014

It's already the 7th of August so I thought it was a little bit too late to call this post a July Favourites, and I've been using this favourites not only in July, but during the entire summer. I'm gonna try to do a monthly favourites every month from now, but for now I'm gonna show you my favourites from this season: Summer!

Schwarzkopf got2b mermaid look Texturizing Salt Spray

I used to be a huge fan of the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray, mostly because of the amazing smell (I often buy beauty products because of their smell instead of their actual purpose, I know that's a bad thing;)). There's only one disadvantage to the Toni&Guy spray, and that's the price. In the Netherlands you have to pay €11,99 for a 200 ml bottle, which I think is quite expensive. When I completely ran out of my Toni&Guy spray, I went to the drugstore to buy a new one. Then this spray from Schwarzkopf caught my eye. I'd never seen it before, but it was a lot cheaper than the Toni&Guy one (only €6,99 for 200 ml), so I decided to give it a go. The messy hair effects are exactly the same as the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray and the smell is also great! I've been using this everyday since I bought it!

Colgate Max White One Luminous toothpaste
Lately it started to bother me that my teeth are a little bit yellowish. I went looking on the internet for the possibilities to get them a little bit whiter. I thought whiten my teeth for almost 200 euros went a little bit too far, buying something unknown un eBay seemed a bit scary, but trying a toothpaste with optical whiteners I definitely wanted to give a go! The next day I immidiately bought this Colgate Max White One Luminous toothpaste and the corresponding mouthwash. I'm using both everyday now and I definitely see a difference! Of course the results aren't as amazin as when you're having your teeth whitened, but I think it's a good alternative for a little whiter teeth!

Kruidvat Scrubcrème Exfoliant

I picked up this scrub because it was only €2,85 and I ran out of my other scrub. I use it twice a week and it makes my skin feels so soft! I'm already halfway through the pot and I still love it.

Nivea Pure & Natural day and night cream

I have very sensitive skin and most day and night creams leave my skin red and sore. A few weeks ago, my mother bought this Nivea creams (for herself - oops) and I tried them out. Normally Nivea products have the same effect on my skin as most other face products, but this two creams work perfect for my skin. After applying this cream my skin immidiately feels cooled and hydrated - I would definitely suggest giving this creams a try if you're searching for a not to expensive day and night routine. 

Canon Ixus 16.1 mega pixels digital camera

Of course I really prefer a SLR camera to take pictures, but in some situations you don't want to carry a heavy camera around with you all day. I got this Canon camera last year for my school trip to Rome (you also don't want your SLR to get stolen when you're away with school) and it makes great photos! I even won my school's Rome photo contest with this camera. What I like so much about it is that it focuses like a SLR. I used this camera A LOT during my summer holidays.

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Buffing Brush

As you can read here, this is my favourite brush from Sam's Picks. It feels so nice and soft on the skin and just blends amazing. I use this brush for foundation, powder and to blend all my other make-up in.

Rituals Honey Touch rich and nourishing body cream

I bought this Rituals body cream as a little treat for myself just before I went to France. This stuff is amazing. It smells delicious and leaves the skin super soft. Definitely try this one out if you like Rituals!

Primark Mango flavoured lip balm

I owe this lip balm to the long queue at the checkout of Primark (those bins you need to pass before the checkout always stare at me, it's just creepy). It smells like delicious mangos, my favourite fruit, and is very nourishing for your lips.

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner lip balm

Annnd another lip balm. This one makes your lips burn a little bit, but in a good way. You can really feel the balm doing its work on your lips.

Rimmel 60 Seconds nailpolish
Left: 873, breakfast in bed. Right: 415, instyle coral.

Through entire June and July I've been alternating this two nailpolishes. They cover very well with only two layers and your nails stay pretty for about 4 days! Without a top or base coat (in summer I'm quite lazy with nailpolish)! 

Rimmel lipstick
058, drop of sherry

I already talked about this lipstick in this post but I thought it had to be in my favourites as well because I have been wearing it so much. It's my perfect everyday lipstick.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

On most days in summer I just wear a little bit of concealer and powder. But do you know those days when you want a little bit more coverage, but you don't want to look like you're wearing foundation? Well, on those days I use this BB Cream. It hides the imperfections you want to hide, but it lets for example freckles (and I get a lot of freckles in summertime) show through. 

Barry M Single Pressed Eyeshadow
7 - Pink

This eyeshadow looks kind of brown/orange but on your eyelids it really is a pink colour. I bought the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette a while ago (review will be on my blog soon), and the only colour I was missing in the palette was a nice soft pink. Now I use the palette and this eyeshadow from Barry M and together I have all the natural shades I need. The pigmentation is good, the eyeshadow stays on all day.. I definitely recommend this eyeshadow :).

Zoeva Mineral Sheer Blush
Fiesta Forever

Wow. This blush is pigmented. And bright. If you use a little bit too much, you'll end up looking like a clown. But if you use a tiny little bit and blend it out well, it's a beautiful summery colour. I've been wearing it a lot lately and I really like it.

iPod touch playing Ed Sheeran - x

What's a summer without music? I dug up my iPod touch from the bottom drawer of my closet and loaded it with wonderful music. Ed Sheeran's new album is on repeat for weeks now. What a lovely album. I'm really hoping to go to Ed's concert in Amsterdam on the 3rd of November, but I am probably in the middle of my exams that week... My favourite song from the album is Tenerife Sea. 


  1. Just finished my bottle of the schwarzkopf salt spray. Like it just as much as you do! :)

    xx Fee

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  3. Great post :)

    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award.
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  4. Nivea cremes and Rimmel lipsticks are heaven :)

    I nominated you for Liebster Awards. More details in my post:

    xx Amy

  5. Love the real techniques brushes! So affordable and lovely on your skin :)



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