Autumnal Antwerp

Saturday, 15 November 2014


A few days ago me and my friend Sherilynn went to Antwerp. What an amazing city! Beautiful old buildings, nice stores, very friendly people (there really is a big difference between Belgians and Dutch people!) and street musicians everywhere. I had a lovely day! Strange, that you can be walking around in such an amazing city in another country in just 1.5 hours. I'll definitely go back soon! I hope you guys like the snaps I took during the day!

♥ Skirt - Asos
♥  Jumper - Forever 21
♥ Tights - Primark
♥ Boots - Sacha
♥ Scarf - Only
♥ Watch - Michael Kors

♥ , Annemarie


  1. Love the photos, looks amazing! xx

  2. What a beautiful place!! Looks amazing and your pictures are stunning :D

    Alice x

  3. Such beautiful photos! Love lush shops haha so colourful! Abi :)


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