Keeping Memories in 2015

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hey everyone!

Do you ever realize how little you remember from a year? Of course you remember the big things, but the small ones you forget suprisingly quickly. Because I love writing and capturing, I decided I wanted to write down things that are worth remembering. For my birthday I asked my little brother for a One Line a Day Journal. You basically write one line, every day, for five years. One page is one date, so every year you come back to the same pages. I guess you can say it's a huge challenge. I can't wait to start to write on the first pages, but I'm not too sure if I'm still doing it in five years. But I'm gonna do my best anyways!! Afterwards it'll be such a precious book full of memories.

Another thing I really wanted to do this year, to make a memory jar. I've seen so many of these on pinterest and tumblr, and they all look so cute. You write down memories throughout the whole year, put them in the jar, and on New Year's Eve you open the jar and read all the memories you've made. I love the idea of it!

Can't wait for the memories to be made!

♥, Annemarie


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    1. Haha well I kind of copied it from others too. But I agree with you! Xx


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