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Friday, 20 February 2015

Hey there! I've been blogging for over 7 months now and I realized you don't know much about me as a person yet. To get to know me a bit better, I decided to do the 50 facts about me tag. So here are 50 random about me!

1.       I was 14 when I first travelled by train. We had to be in there for 5 minutes for a school trip.

2.       Before an exam period everything has to be tidy, including my wardrobe and the boxes underneath my bed.

3.     I drink my coffee with lots of milk because I don't like the tast of coffee itself. 

4.       I’m 1.79 meters tall and I would love to be shorter

5.       I’ve never been outside of Europe.

6.       I once swum in an ice hole in Finland.

7.       My favourite sport is skiing. Unfortunately it has been 2 years since the last time I skied.
8.       I’ve got an older and a younger brother.

9.       I’m studying psychology now and I really like it!

10.   I don’t like going out. Just give me a nice film and a cosy blanket.

11.   I’d really want to live in England.

12.   My favourite time of the year is September until December. I love the Autumn/Winter, but after New Year’s Eve I’m done with it.

13.   I think my ears are very big.

14.   The books written by Nicholas Sparks are my all time favourites.

15.   My alternate name is Bambi, because I apparently have a very innocent look.

16.   The film that I’ve seen most times is either Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or the first Home Alone or Love Actually. I don’t know which one of the three it is, but I’ve seen them all at least 10 times.

17.   I love to drink my tea with milk.

18.   When I see pictures of other people studying, I get inspired to study for myself. Mostly it stays with being inspired.

19.   I love Dutch stew. Hodgepodge, sauerkraut stew… Love it! Of course with Unox’s smoked sausages.

20.   I absolutely hate it when people sniff their nose. When I’m in the train I sometimes have to move to another compartment three times to get away from the sniffing.

21.   I think Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands.

22.   I almost never watch TV but I do watch lots of YouTube videos.

23.   I love the sea but I’m scared of high waves.

24.   I love babies and children. Sometimes I can’t wait until I can have them myself.

25.   When I’ve found a blog that I really really like, I watch all the posts back to back.

26.   I’ve never dyed my hair before.

27.   When I buy a pot of chewing gum, it’s empty in one or two days. I just really love the tast of gum that’s just in your mouth!

28.   I almost never get a tan, but I do get freckles a lot.

29.   I love to be alone. I can be alone for days without starting to feel lonely.

30.   I prefer to study in a café, but I always need to wear earplugs.

31.   I have over 20 notebooks but I never have the inspiration to fill them.

32.   I’m a Christian.

33.   I have over 10 babysit addresses. Right now I’m babysitting as well.

34.   I used to watch series all night in the summer holidays.

35.   I have two cats: Tom and Jerry. They’re both ginger and only my dad and I know who’s who.

36.   When there’s something I want to have really badly, I think about it all day and I want to talk to everyone about it.

37.   I have a little obsession with popcorn. If I don’t watch out I can eat three whole bags of it in a week.

38.   When I see a movie in which the main character has a certain hobby (such as dancing, drawing or writing) I immediately want to start doing that too.

39.     I always used to do extremely bad in chemistry, but my final exam grade was unexpectedly high.

40.   I work in a cute little café with disabled people. I’ve been working there since I was 14 and I’ve never left.

41.   I hate to wear eyeliner.

42.   After 11 at night I start to feel very awake again. This is the time when I’m most productive.

43.   My mother still makes lunch for me every day (because she knows that if she doesn’t I just won’t eat lunch).

44.   I’ve seen every episode of pretty little liars at least three times.

45.   When there has been another package delivered for me at the neighbours, I’m too ashamed to go and get it myself (confessions of a shopaholic…).

46.   My favourite fruit is mango. LOVE IT!!

47.   I can sleep anywhere at any time. In the train, in the car, on the sofa.. Give me one minute without something to do and I will be asleep.

48.   I love to wear pyjamas all day.

49.   The best feeling ever is when I’ve just had a very long shower and I can go to sleep in a freshly made up bed.

50.   I love organization but my room is a complete chaos most of the time.

Do you like a more personal post like this once in a while?

♥, Annemarie

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  1. I tagged you on my blog for a little tag! Would love to see your version of it xx

    xo Ella


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