H&M Brushes Reviewed

Friday, 17 July 2015

Hey everyone,

A couple of months ago I bought a couple of H&M brushes with the idea of reviewing them for my blog, but I completely forgot about it until just now. So, it might be a bit late, but here it is!

When you look at this brushes you probably know why I wanted to buy them: they look absolutely beautiful. Another reason for me to buy them was the price: the brushes were €3 and €4 (on sale, but they still are on sale on the H&M website!). Also, they looked incredibly soft. 

I got four brushes: the kabuki brush, the shimmer brush and two bb-cream brushes (no idea why I got two, but whatever). 

Kabuki brush, €4,-
This first brush is also my favourite. It's extremely soft and really big. I use this brush to put on bronzer. 

Shimmer brush, €3,-
I don't really like this brush. I've used it a couple of times to apply blusher and highlighter, but I wasn't too impressed. The hairs are a lot thicker than the hairs on the other brushes and they don't feel soft on your skin at all. I wouldn't recommend this brush.

BB-cream brush, €4,-
This brush really is as soft as it looks. I don't use it to apply BB-cream or foundation, but I use it to blend in concealer. Because the hairs are so close together, just dotting on the places where you've put concealer is enough to make it blend in perfectly. The obliquely cut shape makes it a lot easier to reach certain areas on your face, like the sides of your nose and underneath your eyes. 

Overall, I would really recommend the BB-cream brush and the kabuki brush. I wouldn't recommend the shimmer brush. 
You can wash the brushes without any problems. I've washed them multiple times and they don't loose a single hair and they stay just as soft.

Have you ever tried H&M brushes?

♥, Annemarie


  1. I've never tried any brushes from H&M, I always stare at them for like five minutes because they look beautiful but then I never get them! I might get the kabuki brush, it seems great! Xx


    1. You really should! I think the quality of them is just as good as Real Techniques brushes. Let me know if you tried one! xx


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