Photo Diary #1 - Tourists in Our Own Country

Sunday, 19 July 2015

I arrived at my friend Eline's house on Monday. We did our errands for the whole week and gave a little party for our old high school friends. I shot some outfit pictures for my beautiful friend Sherilynn ( 

Our initial plan for Tuesday was to go to the beach, but when we were completely ready to leave, it started to rain. When the stopped, we went to a river nearby and chilled out for a bit. At night we went for a nice pizza in Rotterdam. I had a delicious smoothie at the Markthal afterwards.
(First outfit: Jumpsuit - Forever21, Jacket - H&M. Second outfit: Dress - Forever21, Cardigan - Mango).

On Wednesday the weather was still terrible, so we decided to take the train and go to a place where the weather was semi-okay. A good three and a half hours later we arrived at Groningen. What a beautiful city! We did some shopping, had some tea, ate the best burger ever and after that we took the train home. 

On Thursday we went to Walibi World, a Dutch theme park. It was two hours away, but we had a lot of fun singing in the car. 

On Friday the weather finally got a lot better, so we went to the beach. Weirdly enough I totally forgot to take pictures. On Saturday I went back home and slept most of the day. 

On Sunday I also didn't do very much. I went on a run and catched up on YouTube videos. The video I was watching on this photo is the weekly vlog from The Michalaks (they make the most beautiful vlogs ever).

Would you like to see more photo diaries? Please let me know!

♥, Annemarie


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