Apple & Flower Picking

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I've been working at a tea room at a social care farm (a farm where people with disabilities work) for over four years now. I know it's a beautiful place where you can do lots of different things, like apple picking in autumn, strawberry picking in summer, flower picking and just walking around and enjoying the beautiful Dutch nature. But, because I'm always working at the tea room when I'm there, I never actually get to do these things. So last week I decided it was about time that I would take my camera and go to this beautiful place as a visitor, not as an employee. I asked my little nephew to come with me and on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon we finally went. 

First we went for a nice lunch in the tea room, then we went apple picking and after that we walked around the whole farm and picked some wild flowers. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I even got a little bit sunburned. I forgot my phone at home, which made the whole afternoon even better.We had a great time.

The photo quality is not as good as normal. For some reason my camera doesn't want to take good photos with a lot of sunlight. Need to do a bit more research into my camera I think... I hope you enjoy the photos anyways!

Do you ever make time to do fun things like this?

♥, Annemarie

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