My First Experience With Yankee Candle

Saturday, 10 October 2015

I love candles. However, in the Netherlands I never seem to be able to find really nice smelling candles. We have a few brands that do scented candles, but most of the time I find them way too strong and I don't like the scent range at all. Of course I know about Bath and Bodyworks and Yankee Candle, but they are very hard to get your hands on here. You can order Yankee Candle online, but they are a bit too expensive to just order without knowing for sure if you like the scent. When I heard there was a Yankee Candle Store in Magna Plaza in Amsterdam, which is a beautiful mall right behind 'de Dam', I immediately planned a trip to Amsterdam (more pictures coming soon!).
So last week I finally got to smell the candles I had put in my online baskets so many times. Some of the scents were exactly like how I imagined them to be, some were completely different than in my smell imagination (is that even a thing?). I am really impressed with the amazing scents. They are intense but still not too overpowering. They smell nothing like any other candle you can buy in this country.

Because I was on a budget and still didn't want to spend too much money on candles, and because I wanted to take 10 candles with me instead of one, I decided to pick up the wax melts. I have a wax burner that has been collecting dust on a shelf for the past two years, so I figured this was the perfect time to start using it again.
 The wax melts are €2, 50 each. They are supposed to burn for 8 hours, but I've been burning the first wax melt for over 10 hours now and there's almost no wax gone. 

I feel like the wax melts are great for trying out different scents. Now I know I want the big version of Christmas Eve and of Spiced Orange, and I can order them online now because I already know what they smell like. 
The only disadvantage of the wax melts is that you can't burn different melts at the same time (unless you have multiple burners). 

I will be going back to the Yankee Candle Store very soon to pick up some more wax melts in winter scents. Do you have any recommendations?

♥, Annemarie


  1. Soft blanket is heerlijk zacht! Tot nu toe mijn favoriete geur. Die melts gaan ook niet op, maar de geur gaat na een tijdje op. Ik denk dat ze heeeeel lang zouden kunnen blijven branden!
    Groetjes Sabrina

    1. Oooh, werkt dat zo?! Haha, ik dacht dat het gewoon net als bij een kaars op zou branden. Die geur ga ik onthouden! Dank je wel :). Xx Annemarie


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