The England Travel Diaries | Part 2: Brighton

Monday, 27 June 2016

After two days in London, we decided to take the train to Brighton for a day. I've wanted to go to this city for years, so I was really excited to finally go. Because train tickets in England are very expensive, we previously bought a train ticket for 7.20 o'clock from Victoria Station. That meant we had to be up at quarter past five... Not ideal when you're on holiday and have been walking around London for two days... Around 8.30 we were in Brighton and could enjoy the city when it was still quiet and peaceful. 

The Royal Pavilion.

Because almost nothing was open yet, we decided to go out for breakfast at The Breakfast Club. It was my first time at this place and I absolutely loved it. You can order breakfast all day long. And what kind of breakfast! I had to get a full English breakfast (because that's what you need to do at least once when you're in England) and Noortje went for the pancakes. 

The West Pier

After breakfast we went on a morning walk on the beach. I really get why people love living in this city! It was so peaceful compared to London. 

Brighton Pier

The Lanes.

In the afternoon we came back to the beach. It was so much more crowded now. We also went back to Royal Pavilion, which was also full of people by this time of day. I really loved the ambiance in Brighton, but we've also seen that this city knows a lot of poverty. We've seen so many homeless people and the neighbourhoods around the train station really didn't make us feel comfortable. I'm still so pleased that we went to this city for a day, though!

♥, Annemarie

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