The England Travel Diaries | Part 3: Liverpool

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wow, it's more than three months later now and I just realized that I've never posted the last part of my England travel diaries. Because this probably was my favourite part of the trip, I still really wanted to post it. So, here it is! 

After four nights in busy London, we took the train to Liverpool on Sunday morning. Not really the first place that comes to mind when I think of England, but we ended up here because Noortje's parents have friends living there. They kindly offered to let us stay in their house, and we loved the idea of staying with real English people in a city we'd both never been before. 
The people we were staying with, Anna and Collin, were so nice. They'd been living in Liverpool for their whole lives and knew more about the city than anyone. I didn't know anything about Liverpool, so I just let everything happen. 

After we'd arrived at the train station, we immediately went into the town. We had lunch in the restaurant of the maritime museum (and had to consult google translate many times because they had very peculiar things on the menu) and looked at Liverpool from above from the ferris wheel. I found the city very special and atmospheric right away, and the fact that locals told us all about it made the experience even better!

The house of the people we were staying with was decorated in a typical English way and was really cosy and homely. Noortje and I both had our own bedrooms, which was quite nice after four nights in a tiny hotel room in London. That evening Collin made us a delicious sunday roast. We talked and laughed for hours and it really was one of the best nights ever. 

Walker art gallery. I enjoyed watching this group of school children drawing paintings in suppreme concentration more than the actual art. 

On Monday it was time to explore Liverpool by ourselves (Anna and Collin had to go back to work). We visisted an art museum, did some shopping, ate pizza, went to Costa three times, laughed about how many English girls wore a yellow raincoat, and fully enjoyed the nice atmosphere. 
It really stood out to me that the people in Liverpool were so much more friendly than in London.  

On the third day we went into town again, but we took it even easier than the first day. Liverpool is a great city, but there's not that much to see and do. But we didn't mind it at all to walk around the Docks and the shopping streets again and the baristas at our 'own' Costa even recognized us already. That evening Anna and Collin took us out for dinner in the Docks. After dinner they gave us a tour of all the highlights of the city by car. We took a photo at the gate of Strawberry Fields (because years from now we would thank them for it, they said) and with the Lambanana. It was hilarious!

On our last morning we decided to stay close to our guest home, because we had to go to the airport quite early. I really love exploring around big cities like London, but I enjoy walking around normal English streets just as much. We had a nice talk with an old woman who was standing in her door opening enjoying her flowers, bought English goodies at Tesco (Terry's chocolate orange... Do I need to say more?) and walked around beautiful parks. 
This trip was so diverse and I enjoyed every second of it. I could've stayed much longer than a week and I hope to come back to this beautiful country real soon!

♥, Annemarie

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