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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hello lovely readers. I know, it's been a while. And no, I haven't been extremely busy, but for some reason I've had such a lack of motivation to do anything in the past couple of months. I couldn't get out of bed until 9.30 and wasted a lot of my days watching netflix and doing nothing. I also started a new part-time job that was quite hard at the beginning, which for me was an excuse to do even less on days I didn't have to work. Even though I love november and december, I really needed january to get my interest back in doing the things I always used to love.
So the first twelve days of this year I've been setting up a new bullet journal (blog post all about this coming soon), writing down my goals, going to the gym (I know... i'm such a pathetic new year girl.. but I've already been four times this year!), cleaning my bedroom and wardrobe, and browsing on Pinterest for hours for motivational quotes, productivity tips, et cetera, et cetera.

And now I'm back! I've gained lots of inspiration for my blog and I've got some big ambitions for this year.

My new year resolutions/goals

1. Moving out
This year, I really want to move out of my parent's house into my own place. I didn't do this sooner because it's just so expensive to live on your own as a student, especially in the big cities here in the Netherlands. I would love to find my own little appartment in Rotterdam.

2. Only do things i really want to do
I'm a huge people pleaser. I often do things with people I don't want to do anything with and waste a lot of time doing things I don't really want to do. This year I want to choose for myself more often and try to say no a bit more often.

3. Make fitness a higher priority
In 2016, I already tried a lot to eat healthier and go to the gym more often. I would just never see any results, because I didn't prioritize it enough. This year I want to prioritize going to the gym and making healthy food above a lot of other things.

4. Get my bachelor degree
I'm already in my third year of my Psychology bachelor at uni now, and in february I will start working on my bachelor thesis. Even though I still don't really know whether I see myself working as a psychologist or not, I'm really looking forward to getting my degree in june or july. 

5. Go on an amazing trip
I really want to go on a big trip this summer. I'm thinking about travelling through Scandinavia or the UK by train.

6. Spend more time on photography and my blog
I study because I want to get a degree and for my future. Not because I really enjoy studying. When I work on my blog or go outside and take photos, I do it because I really genuinely love it. So this year I want to spend a lot more time doing that.

7. Read more
Instead of watching a series on netflix or wasting time scrolling through my phone, I want to read more books this year. My goal is to read every book on my bookshelf that I've never read before. I will also try to read the newspaper every morning whilst eating breakfast.

8. Wake up earlier and have more productive mornings
I am the worst at waking up early when I don't actually have to be anywhere. But when I made it out of bed at around 7 and get a lot of things done in the mornings, I feel so much better about myself. So this year I really want to try and develop an early morning routine that works for me.   

Hope you will join me on my 2017 journey!
What are your goals and resolutions for the new year?

♥, Annemarie

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