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Monday, 13 February 2017

 At the beginning of the year I made a ton of lists - my new year's resolutions, blog posts I wanted to write, personal goals.. One of my goals/resolutions was to read more. Even though I love reading, for some reason I find it hard to find time to read in my everyday life. I think watching Netflix in my free time has become too much of a habit - but one that I really want to break.
So in january I made another list of the books that I really want to read this year. These are all books that I already own but just never read before, or started to read but never finished. I'll make it my mission to read all of them before the summer.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven
All the bright places is about a boy and a girl who meet each other when they're both about to commit suicide. They save each other from killing themselves and then become friends.
I received this book as a gift for my birthday in 2015. For some reason I just never got around reading it. As a psychology student I always find it interesting to read about people with mental health problems. I've heard many people raving about this book, so I definitely want to read it.

 Before she was mine by Kate Long
Before she was mine is about a girl who is torn between her birth mother and her adoptive mother. Contrary to the first book, I've never heard anyone talking about this book. I bought it a few years ago at a book market because I was really intrigued by the cover (I know you should never judge a book by its cover... but I did it anyway). For the past few years it has been collecting dust on my book shelve, so I think it's about time I finally read it.
 The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Even though this is such a classic of American literature, I've never read the book nor seen the film. In my last years of high school I used to avoid any kind of literature in my free time, but now I really want to get to know the classics. This book is only 115 pages long, so I'm sure I will get through it.  

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee
Again, such a classic. I remember reading the first couple of chapters of this book and really enjoying it, but for some reason I just never finished it. When I was at a book market a few weeks ago, I almost got tempted to buy 'set a watchman', but I restrained myself because I wanted to finish this book first.
 Looking for Alaska by John Green
Like everyone else in the world, I've read the fault in our stars by John Green and really loved it. However, I've never read any of his other books. A lot of people say that looking for Alaska is their favourite book by John Green, so I'm really excited to read this.  
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I don't know why, but i always thought this book was about children in a mental health institution. I was kind of pulled off then I found out it was more of a supernatural book. Because everyone loves it so much and there is even a film now, I still really want to read it and hopefully change my opinion about it.
Would you like reviews of the books once I've finished reading them? And do you have any other book suggestions? Please let me know!
♥, Annemarie 


  1. Hii, there is a app called Goodreads that you can help for you're Reading goal😊

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've been on their website before but didn't realize there's also an app.

  2. Ik heb 'Looking for Alaska' gelezen omdat iedereen er helemaal lyrisch over was, maar ik vond het niet echt wat, haha! Ben benieuwd wat jij er dan van vindt!

    1. Ik had dat gevoel ook toen ik het eerste hoofdstuk las! Ik zet nog even door en anders is het gewoon jammer...;)


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