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Thursday, 23 February 2017

 I've really been into bullet journalling lately lately. I just love to have everything I would normally have in seperate notebooks in one place and I feel so creative and inspired when I'm using it. In this post I'm going to tell you all about my bullet journal, from the notebook that I use to the pens I like to write/draw with. I'm also giving you a sneak peek inside my bullet journal. 
I think most of you will know what a bullet journal is, but in case you have no idea, I'll give a short explanation. Basically, a bullet journal is a notebook that you can use for anything you want, but mainly for planning your life. There is an official website with all the 'rules' of bullet journalling (http://bulletjournal.com/), but obviously you can completely adapt the system to your wishes and needs. If you want to know exactly how bullet journalling works, I suggest you read this website or watch one of the million videos made about it. 

I started my first bullet journal in August of last year. I used a large dotted Moleskine notebook back then. I spent half of my holiday in Italy to set up my bullet journal (this will cost you quite a lot of time at first). I ended up using it a lot, but because it was so big and heavy and full of personal things I didn't really feel comfortable taking it anywhere. People would always ask questions when i took it out of my bag to write down an appointment. Therefore I kind of stopped using it by the end of 2016. 
When the new year started, suddenly everyone was talking about the bullet journal. I kind of wanted to start using mine again, but I just hated the fact that it was so large. Also all of my page numbers had dissapeared because my bullet journal got a bit wet one day (Moleskine journals don't have numbered pages, so you have to number them yourself). So, after thinking about it for quite a while, I decided to buy a new, smaller bullet journal. I went for the plain Leuchtturm1917 this time. You can also get a real 'bullet journal' from Leuchtturm, but I prefered to use a completely blank notebook. 
I really prefer the Leuchtturm1917 above the Moleskine notebooks for bullet journalling, because they have more pages (249 vs 192 pages), have a hard cover instead of a soft one and because it comes with numbered pages and an index. This saved me a lot of time and frustration. The notebook is quite pricey compared to your average notebook (it costs around 17 euros), but because I use my bullet journal so intensively I think it's completely worth the price.  
Because my bullet journal is so personal (again), I've also bought a cheap simple diary to carry around with me and write down my appointments in. I mainly use my bullet journal inside the house now and i'm perfectly fine with that. 

What I use
To start a bullet journal, all you need is a black fineliner, a pencil and an eraser. Over the months I started using more coloured pens and felt pens. You can't use any kind of pen in your bullet journal, because the paper is really thin. A lot of pens bleed through the paper or stay wet for too long. These are the tools that really work for me:

I use this pen as my everyday black fineliner. It has a 0.3mm nylon nib and deep black ink. I absolutely love this pen.  

STAEDTLER Triplus fineliners
These coloured fineliners work perfectly in my bullet journal. I use them to write, draw and decorate the pages. I also love the colour selection. 

Sostrene grene felt tips
These felt tips were really inexpensive. I mainly use them to decorate the pages. You can't use the same colour for too long, because then too much ink will come out and it will bleed on the page. I might buy some new ones one day, but for now these work just fine. 

Washi tape
Of course I also use washi tape in my bullet journal. It's such an easy way to make a page look so much prettier. I buy my washi tape at places like Hema and Sostrene Grene. 

Inside my bullet journal
Every bullet journal starts with a key. You don't have to follow the key rules here, you can use any kind of symbol that works for you. I find this key works best for me.  
Sometimes I mess up a page. I used to get really frustrated when this would happen, but now I just stick a quote or something else on the page.
I really want to start drawing in my bullet journal more! I find it so therapeutic and relaxing.
This is how I made my weekly spreads for the upcoming two months: some space to write down appoinments (so I can write them down ahead of the week), work days and meetings and space to write down what I have to do that week. Because I never know how much space I will need for one day, I just keep the other page blank and fill it in during the week itself.

Do you also have a bullet journal? Do you love it as much as I do?

♥, Annemarie 

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