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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for my delayed train. I can feelt the light of the first spring sunbeams warming my pale face. I almost forgot what that felt like. March has arrived and I couldn't be happier about it. 

Where has the time gone? I feel like it was only yesterday that I was writing down my new year’s resolutions. I’m actually doing quite well at working on my resolutions, but I also decided to set myself some goals on a monthly basis and really try to focus on them during one month.

• Work harder on my bachelor thesis •
Since the day I had to start writing my thesis, my creative mind has been overflowing. I have so many ideas for creative projects and my blog and could create and write all day long. My brain has always worked like this and it’s quite annoying. I really want to express this creativity but I also want to finish my bachelor this year. This month I really have to focus on my thesis, because I have to finish the first big part of it by the end of the month. 
 • At least two blogposts a week •
Because I enjoy blogging so much and really want to do it more often/be more consistent with it.  

 • No youtube •
Yes, I really said it. No youtube for a whole month. I can watch youtube videos back to back for hours. In February I’ve really been into bullet journal, capsule wardrobe and minimalist videos. So inspiring, but also really time consuming (time that I can also use to write a blog post or take photos). So for March I set myself the goal to watch no youtube at all. I think I’ll only really miss the weekly vlog from the Michalaks (they make the most beautiful vlogs you’ll ever see), but I’m also really looking forward to watching four of them back to back when the month is over. 
 • Do something good for someone else every day •
Today I gave a homeless man money to spend the night in the homeless shelter instead of buying myself something to eat at the train station. It felt really good to do something like that. My goal is to try and do something good for another person at least once every day. 

• Reintroduce myself at the gym 
I've not been going to the gym as much as I wanted to in February. This month I really want to get back on track and go at least two times a week. 
• Spend less than 30 euros on lunch, coffee and other extras•
Saturday I got 30 euros from the ATM. I decided this was the amount of money I allow myself to spend buying food and other things I don't need. I used to spend a lot more on this, because I always forgot to make lunch in the morning, ended up being hungry and always made the bad decision to just buy something to eat. This month I can still do that once in a while (because life is supposed to be fun, right?), but I just won't spend more than 30 euros on it. 
• Read two books •
I've been trying to read every night before bed and also always take a book with me when I'm travelling to work or uni. This month I really want to read two winter-themed thrillers I recently bought. 

• Write something every day •

Things I'm looking forward to
• Go on little adventures 
Because I'm a student I can travel through the entire country for free. I feel like I don't use that privilege enough. This month I really want to go to Amsterdam and I've made plans to visit two of my friends who live on the other side of the country. I also want to go on a spontaneous adventure. 

• Ski trip! 
The last week of March I'll be going on a ski trip to France with a really good friend and her family. I can't wait!!!!

♥, Annemarie 

Ps. I think I never posted close up photos of myself like these on my blog before. To be honest I'm quite terrified about it. What do you think about them? Do you think I should keep posting them?


  1. Waaaauw, hele mooie foto's! En mooie doelen, ze zouden haalbaar moeten zijn :)

    xx Alex

    1. Wat lief, dank je wel! Ik hoop dat ik mijn doelen kan waarmaken! :)

  2. Wowie, hoe mooi zijn deze foto's!? Hele mooie doelen heb je opgezet, vooral die voor andere.

    1. Dat jij, de koningin van de prachtige foto's, dat tegen me zegt zie ik dat als een heel groot compliment! Dank je wel! Ik vind dat ook een mooi doel, bedacht het vandaag toen die man me om geld vroeg. Misschien ga ik iedere dag wel bijhouden wat mijn goede daad precies is en wijd ik er nog een artikeltje aan :). Xx

  3. Man, wat een mooie foto's. Even normaal doen! Wat ben jij zelf ook mooi zeg, ik ben jaloers op je sproeten. Supertoffe doelen ook, dat van de 30 euro vind ik heel erg slim! Malou x

    1. Ahh, dank je wel voor de lieve complimenten! En dit zijn dan alleen nog maar de sproeten die over zijn van vorige zomer... Mijn sproeten en ik hebben een beetje een haat-liefdeverhouding, maar de laatste tijd kan ik ze steeds meer waarderen :). Liefs!

  4. Ik vind de foto's echt prachtigggg!! Je bent zo knap! En hele mooie goals voor deze maand <3 xxx

  5. Your photos look always so adorable! What camera do you use?
    Xo Victoria

    1. Thank you! <3 I use the Nikon D5100 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens.


  6. Hele mooie foto's! En inspirerende doelen :)


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