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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Swan Market. I had heard so many people talk about it, but I never went myself. Last Sunday morning, when it was boiling hot, a friend posted on facebook that there was a Swan Market in Rotterdam that day. I had no plans for the day and I'm staying in a friend's house in the middle of Rotterdam, so I decided to spontaneously go there and see for myself what all the fuss was about. I put on a summer dress, grabbed by camera and got on my bike. 

The Swan Market is a popular lifestyle market in the Netherlands and Belgium. It's described as an offline platform for new creative businesses that want to show their products to a bigger audience. You can buy all sorts of things, from clothes and bags to cute plants, stationary, jewelry, sunglasses, vintage items, kids clothes, pieces of art and interior pieces. There is also life music and lots of food trucks with great food and drinks. 
I had such a nice morning. Because of the lovely weather it felt like I was on a market in the south of France and that made it even nicer. I was on my own, but had lots of lovely chats with the people behind the stalls. There were so many talented people there selling their things. I felt really inspired afterwards to do more with my own creative ideas. 
I walked around for about 2 hours. The market isn't huge, but there's a lot to look at. It would be perfect to combine a visit to the swan market with a day in a city you've never been to. I would love to go again in winter in a city like Antwerp. 

 I purchased a few little bits:
♡ a to do notepad from Bee-zonder.com
♡ the cutest washi tape from miekinvorm.nl
♡ a handmade rose gold bracelet from yourfashionfinds.nl 

If you also want to visit the Swan Market this summer, the upcoming editions are on the following dates:
July 16, Grote Markt Antwerpen
July 23, Vredenburg Utrecht
August 6, Parklaan Rotterdam
August 13, Het Plein Den Haag
August 20, Vredenburg Utrecht
September 3, Museumpark Rotterdam

If you want more information, just go to their website: www.swanmarket.nl


  1. Ik hou ontzettend veel van de Swan Market!! En wat heb je de sfeer goed weten te pakken in je foto's! Ze zijn prachtig!

    1. Fijn is het he!! Als je nog eens iemand zoekt om mee te gaan... let me know! En bedankt voor het compliment :). Xxxx

  2. Ahh dit ziet er echt ongelofelijk leuk uit, een heerlijk sfeertje ook! Ik heb nu al zo veel goeds en leuks gehoord over Swam Market, ik wil echt eens gaan! Hmmm... 23 juli in Utrecht... hmmm... ;)


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